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GSA Liquor Knowledge Course Package (10)

GSA Liquor Knowledge Course Package (10)
Our Liquor Knowledge course teaches the product knowledge for several varieties of alcohol and covers information such as why each type of alcohol is popular, the color, flavor and origin of the alcohol, how much it typically costs, and how to judge quality.  Topics include: alcohol & spirit production, aperitifs, beer, brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, liqueurs/cordials, American whiskey, Canadian whiskey, Irish whiskey, and scotch.  

Primary Course Objectives:
  • State the process by which various types of alcohol are produced
  • Identify how much each type of alcohol typically costs
  • Describe what makes each type of alcohol popular
  • State how to judge the quality of each type of alcohol
  • List the brands of each type of alcohol and the characteristics of each
Course Materials:  All course materials are provided completely online.
Course Length:  approx. 40 hours. (The course is self-paced.)

This course can be used for training in all states.

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