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GSA Waiter/Waitress Hospitality Course Package (10)

GSA Waiter/Waitress Hospitality Course Package (10)
Our Waiter/Waitress Hospitality course provides training in becoming a professional server.  It covers the server's role in the restaurant, the proper procedures for waiting on customers and serving the meal, and detailed information about the service of alcoholic beverages.  Course topics include: training, food service, beverages, liquor & beer, wine, and customer service. 

This GSA package includes TEN Waiter/Waitress Hospitality courses (at $9.95 per course).  If you would like to order a different number of courses (at $9.95 per course), please feel free to contact us for a customized package!

Primary Course Objectives:
  • Define the server's role in the restaurant and state the traits and skills needed by servers
  • Explain how to properly set a table and describe the importance of learning the menu 
  • Recognize the effect of a server's greeting and farewell on the customer's impression of the server and restaurant
  • Describe the proper procedure for serving beverages or dishes at a table and a booth and explain the procedure for taking customer orders
  • Explain the correct procedures for serving various types of beverages
  • State the additional responsibilities of a server selling alcoholic beverages
  • Identify popular liquors and wines and how they are commonly served
Course Materials:  All course materials are provided completely online.
Course Length:  approx. 6 hours. (The course is self-paced.)

This course can be used for training in all states.

For your convenience, you may order directly from rservinggsa.com by clicking the "Add to Cart" button, or you may order through our listing on GSA Advantage The course options and prices are the same.  Thank you!