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GSA Food Safety for Handlers Package (10)

GSA Food Safety for Handlers Package (10)
Our Food Safety for Handlers training course teaches proper food handling techniques and procedures for the prevention of foodborne illness.  This training is important for any food worker involved in serving food.  Course topics include: foodborne illness, safe food handling, preventing cross contamination, food preparation and service, equipment and utensils, and personal hygiene.  

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate can be generated/printed and a wallet certification card will be mailed to each student (if approved by the state).

Primary Course Objectives: 
  • Recognize the food handler's role in food safety
  • Interpret a food handler's responsibilities for keeping food safe
  • Define key terms that are used when discussing food safety
  • Describe how to prevent food contamination
  • Demonstrate the ability to use time and temperature controls to protect food
  • Practice proper personal hygiene
Course Materials:  All course materials are provided completely online.
Course Length:  approx. 3 hours. (The course is self-paced.)

This course has been designed to meet state-specific requirements.
Please click here to view your state's options and requirements for Food Safety for Handlers (the page will open in a new tab).  Then, please return to this page to order.

For your convenience, you may order directly from rservinggsa.com by clicking the "Add to Cart" button, or you may order through our listing on GSA Advantage.  The course options and prices are the same.  Thank you!